We will host a storytelling workshop on Zoom at the Bathurst Readers' and Writers' Festival on Saturday May 2, 11am to 12 noon.

"Life At Home" is the theme of a new storytelling competition for Bathurst.

Share or listen to stories about "Life At Home".

We will discuss tips on how to turn your experiences into a story, in writing, photos, video or audio. Or just appreciate the stories.

Walkley-award nominated storyteller Jock Cheetham will host the storytelling workshop on Zoom via https://bit.ly/LifeZoomReaders (Password: 696140).

It's part of the Bathurst Readers' and Writers' Festival.

Competition categories are:

  • Photo
  • Audio
  • Writing
  • Video

You can get comments on your work if you bring samples (links to audio, video, photos or writing) and improve that for later submission to the competition, if you want to...



*   Photo (1 or 2 photos: hi-res jpg, 1Mb-10Mb)
*   Writing (500 words: Word doc)
*   Audio (90 to 120 seconds: link to SoundCloud or equivalent)
*   Video (30 to 90 seconds: link to YouTube upload or equivalent)

Photography, writing, audio and video will be judged on criteria of technical skill, storytelling and emotional impact.

Please send queries and entries to Jock via the form below.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY are below in this page.

Competition deadline: June 12. 

Get your entries in now to have them shared online and via the #LifeAtHomeBathurst hashtag on social media. Early bird entries go in the draw for a special “best of” award in early and late May!

$50 for the winner of each category. $25 for the runner-up in each media. Funded by the Bathurst Multicultural Storytelling Festival.

See the BMEC (Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre) Facebook page and its associated Facebook Reader’s and Writer’s Festival event for a program and to access the Zoom meeting via these Facebook accounts.

Please send queries and entries via this page on www.BathurstStorytelling.com.

See this site (www.BathurstStorytelling.com) and the Bathurst Storytelling Facebook page for updates and to see competition entries ongoingly…

Entries or inquiries

Life At Home: Bathurst Competition

  • Choose from the drop-down menu.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, doc, docx, docm.
    Files need to end in one of these: jpg, doc, docx, docm, but submit video and audio via a link in the "Inquiry" field above.


  1. Contestants agree that their photographic or written work can be used, with full attribution and acknowledgement, in the Bathurst Multicultural Storytelling Festival #LifeAtHomeBathurst and subsequent publications online, in print and broadcast.
  2. All copyright remains with the photographer/writer. The Festival asserts no claims to the rights of any image or writing entered into the competition. If the Festival or partner entities uses any images through website, social media channels, print or the photographer/writer will be credited.
  3. Entrants consent to the use of their images or text in this way. They will be used for Festival and #LifeAtHomeBathurst competition purposes before and as part of judging and announcing winners. Subsequently, images and text might be used in Festival, competition or "How I Got Here" publications and broadcasts, including pre, during and post-competition media and marketing.
  4. Participation in this competition is deemed acceptance of these Conditions of Entry. Acceptance of these Conditions of Entry is a condition of entry to this competition.
  5. Entrants must own the copyright of the photograph uploaded. Each entry must be an original photograph or piece of writing, audio or video produced entirely by the entrant. There must be no copyright infringements in the work. It must not violate any persons’ rights of privacy. Ethical conditions include permission of people identifiable and responsible use of children's images apply.
  6. Photography, writing, audio and video will be judged on criteria of technical skill, storytelling and emotional impact.
  7. One entry per person is allowed in each competition category.
  8. The photo must be submitted as a high-resolution JPEG. The writing must be submitted as a doc or pages file. Audio must be a link to an upload site such as SoundCloud or YouTube for video. Interpretation of the themes is up to the entrant and original interpretations are encouraged.